dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Photographer Philippe Vogelenzang (b. 1982) and stylist Majid Karrouch (b. 1984) feature in a new production for Amsterdam Museum’s ADAM, Man & Fashion exhibition.
‘Everything you can imagine is real,’ Pablo Picasso said. This inspired Philippe Vogelenzang and Majid Karrouch to make MODE MADE MAN, a series of portraits combining fantasy and reality. Vogelenzang and Karrouch portrayed 29 men who aroused their curiosity in various ways. This is about more than who these men are; it is also about who they could be.
Using form, light and fashion, Karrouch and Vogelenzang weave an imaginary story around the men. In the photography the approach is direct, showing the man as he is. At the same time, he appears in the context of an unrelated story. A portrait in which a real person combines with an imaginary person, merging fiction and reality to create a new image. In MODE MADE MAN, Vogelenzang and Karrouch explore the boundaries of fashion and portrait photography, while demonstrating the ability of fashion to convey a narrative and its capacity to create a new identity.

MODE MADE MAN is part of the second edition of SALON 1, an initiative that presents Dutch fashion, design, art & culture, on different locations in Amsterdam.